Cubierta del cedro con el jardín de los tulipanes de la cebolla

A “Wow Garden” in part has to do with contrast between plants and trees.

If you have mature cedar hedge, it creates a great dark green back drop for bright contrasting garden flowers as can be seen to the photo.

Don’t have 5-8 years to wait for cedar trees to grow, then possibly consider a wood fence.

White Forsythia Shrub

An early Spring bloomer, the White Forsythia Shrub flowers before the leaves.

Named after William Forsyth, one sees the yellow flowering type of Forsythia more often in gardens.Forsythia plant produces multiple stems branching out from the base. White Forsythia Flowers bloom before the leaves develop!

Pretty white flowers are a nice garden starter welcoming in Spring and it’s warm weather.

The genus is named after Mr. William Forsyth

Daffodil Spring Flowers

narcisos are a perennial bulb meaning that they return every year with their beautiful flowers.

Did you know that Daffodils are toxic. If swallowed it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Good part is squirrels don’t seem to like narcisos ¡ya sea!

Daffodils in Spring are a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

Narciso in full flower.

Crocus Spring Flower

Crocus is one of several of the first flowers to come out of the ground in spring. Some refer to the Crosuses as the light bulb flower, bright like a light bulb.

Crosuses are a perennial flowering bulb returning to flower in the Spring of each year.

Hay un Autumn Crocus, known as Meadow Saffron or Naked Lady and is a nice sight in the Autumn Season when there is little color in the garden.

Flor de la magnolia en

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Magnolia árbol de la flor, forma de flor es la puesta del sol de la magnolia
Flor de la magnolia del árbol

Este tipo de magnolia es similar al tipo de salsa pero tiene una flor amarilla. Tipo de árbol de magnolia se conoce como el Magnolia Sunset.