Maple Seed Pains

A Maple Tree Seed schedule outline. First are the little seeds they land and blow everywhere in the garden.Seeds on the patio chairs!
Each maple seeds has a wing with two seed pods with a stem from the middle which able to lodge into little tiny areas, like in the webbing of patio chairs.

The larger maple seeds are still on the trees waiting to develop and grow some more.Larger and plenty more Arce de Noruega Seeds to yet to fall.
If you have not had enough clean up yet, the fall season will bring plenty more Arce de Noruega leaves to fall.How I dislike my neighbour’s Norway Maple growing bigger and bigger and dropping more and more tree seeds and leaves each year!

Maple Tree Imágenes

solo Maple Tree a aproximadamente 30 pies de altura o 10 metros de altura con mucho espacio para crecer a 60-75 pies de altura o 12 -15 metros de altura. Más cerca de la vista de la cámara!

Bonita vista
Vistas de fotos bajo el árbol de arce cuando comienza la noche!